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Frame Material, TR-90 (or poliamide), an exclusive and new material that is booming, based on polymers, -very used aeronautics engineering.

Normally the plastic material most commonly used in sunglasses is PC (polycarbonate), which is cheaper but more rigid, cumbersome and fragile. Our sunglasses are made with exclusive material TR-90 (or poliamide), a novel material boom, based on polymers, -very used in aeronáutics engineering- that is marking a new stage in the manufacture of glasses.

What is a polymer ?: are macromolecules and these are made up of smaller molecules. "Chemically speaking".

TR-90 or polyamide is a polymer with the aforementioned composition, which has a number of qualities to the fore as they are greater resilience, strength, lightness, ergonomicsand it supports large temperature variations.

Description of the Symbols of the TR-90


The hammer: blow resistant, anti-scratch, help prevent damage to the face and eyes
The Airplane: high pressure resistant, offer advantages of aeronautical engineering
The Thermometre: cold and heat resistant, UV resistant, do not burn or melt
The feather: absolute lightness, about 12 gr., ergonomics, maximum elasticity

Polarized Lenses

Your Wantlook lenses have a polarizing filter so that most of the reflected sunlight is blocked.

A polarized lens is a kind of vertical filter that blocks the sunlight that reaches the eyes horizontally, such as reflected in the sea, snow, road, asphalt, and allows passing overhead light you can use to see clearly.


In addition Wantlook polarized lenses offer a noticeably sharper vision and rich in contrasts, so allow you to enjoy more outdoor.

They are slightly more expensive than regular lenses, but worth it.

We encourage you to know them: once the probéis, you repeat it for sure!

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